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    Becoming the Best Logistics Manager in 2022

    Have the Right Technology

    If you don’t have a transportation management system (TMS), make it the top priority for 2022. It can increase visibility and savings by:

    • Monitoring shipments
    • Managing contracts
    • Assessing carrier performance
    • Optimizing routes
    • Giving end-to-end visibility
    • & more

    Technology can also help automate aspects like reverse logistics, tracking incoming & outgoing goods, and repackaging. It will reduce the cost of workers and increase efficiency and accuracy. Find the right WMS and statistically you will reduce transportation costs by 30%!

    Reward the Top Performers

    If something is rewarded, it will be repeated. If vendors are performing well, your supply chain will be more fluid. Make sure to set expectations for vendors, and then track the performance frequently to ensure that goals are being met. Overall, this will increase performance, as well as improve customer service. It will also strengthen the relationship between you and them.

    Finding opportunities for mutual growth won’t be possible unless you work together with the vendors. Having clear goals established & consistent analysis will increase loyalty and performance.

    Stay In the Know

    Of course, you are the best logistics manager on the planet! But it wouldn’t hurt to gain some insights from others. Look at other companies to see what their processes are. What are some improvements that they have made recently? What does it seem they are focusing on these days?

    Reading articles from industry sources like Supply Chain Digital, or companies like C.H. Robinson will be very helpful. Joining a professional organization can also help with networking, and can present a lot of ideas for improvement as well.

    Make a Plan

    Make sure the plan you make encompasses all areas of the organization like manufacturing, sales, procurement, warehousing, etc. The logistics manager should be keeping in step with the overall company strategy so that sales & operations are on the same page.

    The next step after planning is to make a backup plan. What will you do if the supply chain isn’t performing at its best? It could be a natural disaster, a pandemic, a strike, or any number of issues, and you need to be ready to keep things moving. It may help to have a specific person in charge of carrying out the emergency plan.

    Do it Differently

    Social responsibility may not be on page one of the sales plan, but it can be a differentiator. Environmental concerns, impact on the local community, business ethics, human rights, and safety, are all factors that can prove you truly are excellent in every area. If you want to make the most of your life as a logistics manager, finding ways to leave a positive legacy will yield positive results in the long run.