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    Mastering the Chicago Supply Chain

    Chicago businesses are feeling the effects of a pandemic that is still lingering. In construction, companies are limiting sales because of labor shortages and a lack of materials. In the food industry, Patrick Berger, the owner of the restaurant Kaiser Tiger in Chicago says, “people don’t understand why there is one server for fifteen tables.” In the retail industry, Gary Glenn, the co-owner of StichMine says, “We started with maybe one out of four or five orders where we’d have a back order, now, it’s every order.”


    The businesses of Chicago never could have seen these supply chain issues coming, but they could have been prepared. Bottlenecks at ports and the Suez Canal ship getting stuck is only part of the reason. Another major culprit of the supply chain issues is the lack of proper end-to-end visibility. If warehousing & transportation data isn’t readily available and clear, quick changes in response to backlogs won’t be possible. Visibility is the number one reason many suppliers and manufacturers were hit hard during the pandemic.


    David Bouley, the President of OMEC says “We can be more prepared. We can require more reactive capacity in the network. We can seek out strategic partners poised to pivot and provide essential raw materials, parts, and equipment.” Having a strategic warehousing partner in the Chicagoland area can be an extreme help. Some Chicago businesses were proactive before the supply chain issues hit and they ordered way more product than they needed to try and compensate. If this is possible, it may be a viable option which outweighs the risks of being backordered during the holiday season.

    The people of Chicago understand the current supply chain issues, but there are some CEOs who are kicking themselves for not having better visibility and a warehousing option for storage located in a key area. If you have questions about how Unibox Warehouse can help your supply chain visibility and storage become an asset, please reach out. Our warehouse is located just south of Chicago with easy access to 294, 57, & 80.