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    3 Ways to Increase Foodservice Operations

    The nation’s current supply chain problems are continuing to wreak havoc. Research shows that 95% of restaurants across the US have suffered significant shortages. Most of these restaurants have been forced to change their menus and increase pricing as a result.

    Currently, President Biden is working on alleviating some bottlenecks by negotiating for two major California ports to operate around the clock. On the other hand, there are also some ways businesses can improve supply chain processes on their own.

    1. Outsourcing

    Using a supply chain expert doesn’t have to mean losing control. Strategies should be put in place so that businesses can lower their resource costs, have greater efficiency, and utilize a greater form of expertise.

    When a credible supply chain provider is used, it can greatly reduce the time and energy a general manager and other staff spends managing orders and claims. That way, those in a particular store can focus on more revenue increasing tasks.

    2. Technology that puts customers first

    While a positive customer experience must remain as the number one priority, cutting costs doesn’t have to take a back seat. With the right technology, visibility can be clear enough to give an accurate picture of all processes to supply chain decision makers.

    This makes it easy to identify weaknesses and opportunities and make real-time decisions. Whether there is a need for warehouse storage, cross docking, transportation, or last mile delivery, the right supply chain experts can help restaurants and produce businesses save time & money.

    3. Product placement

    A key way to increase efficiency and eliminate shipping time is by aligning aspects of the supply chain according to geography. Shipping & storage with a close distance from the end destination will greatly reduce transit time and will ensure less difficulties if volume needs change.

    Given the current driver shortage, and temperature-controlled capacities at a minimum, transportation alone is a major element of any supply chain. Having an LTL connection should be a part of any logistics strategy.